We are here to bridge the gap between Finance Institutions and Payday Lenders. We bring you new ways of borrowing money. Unlike payday loans, you control the interest you pay and unlike Financial Institutions, you borrow with as minimum effort as a text message.

Interest rate as low as 2.75% per day

First flexible interest rates Cash Lending. Interests are calculated on a daily basis.

Loan Calculator

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Requirements to Apply

  • 2x latest payslips
  • bank statement reflecting the pay from the about payslips
  • Copy of Work ID
  • Must be PORT MORESBY based (we will roll out in other centres soon)

Total to be repaid must always be LESS THAN 70% of Take Home Pay or Steady Income.

Please use our Amount Eligibility Calculator to see how much you are eligible to borrow

Normal Loan Process

1st – You Apply

2nd – Loan Decision

3rd – If approved, Online/Sms Transfer is made to your nominated account on the application form

4th – You pay back by depositing or transferring to our bank accounts which will be supplied through loan approval email.

Why choose Instabuxx?

  • Apply Online (by SMS for members)

  • Get funds in less than 1 Hour

  • Interest as low as 2.75% per day